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rpVT is an assistant program for the ZTreeWinshell manager. If you are not a ZTree user this program will be of little use to you. Check at

rpVT works like an automatic display, showing what is under the highlighted bar in ZTree, and also as a specialized file treater, capable of executing several operations. These operations include search & replace, sort, file splitting and joining, multiple parameter searches, etc. The file chosen as the subject of those operations is selected by the shell application (ZTree) and passed to rpVT for execution, together with a set of parameters that define the operation.

rpVT is a very safe program. It does not write-to or delete any existing file. If a work is set to produce a modification in the contents, a second file is created with the requested changes, using an indexed similar name. The execution priority is set to low and the program uses only spare CPU cycles so, no change in performance of other applications is noticed. rpVT does not make any entry to your registry. Although the program is a full GUI-Win32 application, it has a 'DOS like' appearance and uses fixed width fonts to match ZTree style.

The size of the executable is also very small.

Note: This page originated from This website being closed down, its original webpages have been included in this Wiki for posterity with some light editing. Thanks to John Clark who got a copy of the website

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